Haseeb Khawaja’s Achievements

* He has worked on many cases of human rights’ violations like Pakistan’s famous and mega complex honour killings’ case, Kohistan Video Case (which was about innocent girls’ slaughtering by Jirga for so-called honour) is his one of the best investigative work, which was and is highly venerated on national and international forums. While following this Kohistan Video Case as Journalist and as Activist, he was subjected to harassment and life threats, etc. Despite all these threatening situations he is still following the case since 2013. And there are different internationally recognized filmmakers who have produced different documentary films on Haseeb Khawaja’s investigative work and his selfless struggle for the case. These films have been/ would be going to be presented on different International Film Festivals, etc past years and in future as well. Moreover these films also have been/ would be telecasted on different international Television Channels like Aljazeera TV, Vice News, etc. Lastly, their films have achieved many awards & acknowledgements from many globally renowned festivals/ platforms and personalities. The details of aforementioned films are given below:


Documentary: The Kohistan Story: Killing for Honor

Produced By: Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy (Oscar/ Academy Award & Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker), etc.

Produced For: VICE News (USA based global current affairs channel).

Topic: Honour killings case of innocent girls & victims.

Contribution: Haseeb Khawaja’s interview about his struggles as investigative Journalist and Activist for the case.


Documentary: Unveiled: The Kohistan Video Scandal

Filmed By: Digital Warriors Productions Inc. (Canada)

Filmmakers: Elizabeth Sanchez & Brishkay, etc.

Distributor: Java Films, France

Type: Full-length Feature (90 Minutes)

Topic: Honour killings case of innocent girls by Jirga & through follow-up.

Contribution: The struggles of Haseeb Khawaja through his multiple interviews and relevant activities as investigative Journalist and Activist for the case, etc.


Documentary: Pakistan: Killing For Honour

Telecast: International Women’s Day – 8th March, 2017

Type: Short Version (25 Minutes)

Broadcaster: Al Jazeera English (Global News & Current Affairs TV Channel)

Programme: 101 East (A weekly current affairs documentary programme).

Topic: Honour killings case of innocent girls by Jirga & thorough follow-up.

Contribution: The struggles of Haseeb Khawaja through his multiple interviews and relevant activities as investigative Journalist and Activist for the case, etc.

* He has been nominated for the Switzerland based internationally recognized, 2019 Martin Ennals Award in recognition of his unique and bold services for protecting human rights and in many other Pakistani national awards as well.

# (The Martin Ennals Award is an annual prize for human rights defenders. Finalists and the laureate are selected by a Jury of 10 of the world’s leading human rights NGOs. The Award provides protection and support to human rights defenders who are at risk.)

* JAYU’s 5th Annual International Human Rights Film Festival has selected the date of 10th December 2016 for his documentary’s World Premiere in Toronto, Canada. The only documentary which’s World Premiere had been held on International Human Rights Day.

~Moreover, Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival had co-presented our Canadian Documentary with JAYU at the same day.

NOTE: “Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival” is North America’s largest documentary festival, conference and market. Each year, the Festival presents a selection of approximately 200 cutting-edge documentaries from Canada and around the globe.

~Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau has praised, congratulated and sent his best wishes for their memorable Films’ Festival in Canada.

* He has also received a Certificate of Acknowledgement/ Appreciation regarding his documentary on honour killings and his commitment to the promotion of Human Rights and campaigning against “Honour Killings” through his work from Embassy of Canada to Pakistan.

* 12th Vancouver International Women in Film Festival has screened their documentary in Vancouver, Canada on International Women’s Day 2017 and before two day on 6th March, at InFocus Film School, DOC BC  (Documentary Organization of Canada – British Columbia) has hosted a panel discussion with them as well.

* Regina International Film Festival and Awards – RIFFA in Canada has selected their documentary film on honour killings for screening in Regina, Canada (17th August, 2017).

* North Carolina International South Asian Film Festival (NCISAFF) has screened their documentary at North Carolina, United States of America.

* Censored Women’s Film Festival (2017), Los Angeles, California, USA has selected their documentary film for screening.

* A Ph.D. Professor from Germany is now finalizing her comprehensive research report for a German journal; which is also based on his work regarding honour killings.

* A student in Sweden has selected his investigative work regarding honour killings for completing her thesis of master degree in 2014.

* Another student of Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad (Pakistan) has also selected the topic of Honour Killing for her Ph.D. thesis and she took his interview (in 2016) regarding his work against Honour Killings for her thesis.

* He has given his interview regarding Kohistan Video Case (Honour Killing Case) to the award-winning international Journalist, Mr. James M. Dorsey for his book on Pakistan.

* Their documentary “Unveiled: The Kohistan Video Scandal” had been screened at Mzansi Women’s Film Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa on 4th August, 2017.

* Their documentary “Unveiled: The Kohistan Video Scandal” was a finalist for Best Documentary category in the Oniros Film Awards, Italy.

* Their documentary has won the title of Best Feature Documentary for Women’s Rights Subject across the world (on November, 2017) at the American Filmatic Arts Awards, (in USA).

* USA based global documentaries’ streaming company “Kanopy” has taken their documentary “Unveiled: The Kohistan Video Scandal” on board for showcasing in world’s top Universities – Libraries.

Note: “Kanopy” is known as the World’s Finest Cinema which brings the best documentaries around the globe at the top Universities – Libraries. “Kanopy” streams documentaries in more than 3,000 best colleges and universities worldwide (including all the Ivy Leagues and top colleges across North America and beyond) i.e;
Harvard University – USA, Berkeley, University of California – USA, Stanford University – USA, University of Cambridge – UK, McGill (University) – Canada, Dartmouth (College) – USA, Princeton University – USA, Yale (University) – USA, The University of Sydney – Australia, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) – USA, etc.

Moreover “Kanopy” has 3 Million plus users in the 118 countries. “Kanopy” provides libraries access to one of the most unique collections of films in the world – including award-winning documentaries, etc. “Kanopy” is consistently rated as being an industry leader in terms of technology, quality of content and customer service and voted Best Database 2016.

* He has released his same Canadian Documentary’s first screening here in Pakistan at National Press Club, Islamabad on 27th October, 2016.

H.E. Jean-Francois Cautain, Ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Pakistan, had inaugurated the launching ceremony as Chief Guest along his wife.

* National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) has organized a National Human Rights Conference at Islamabad (Pakistan) to celebrate International Day of Human Rights 2017, where He has been awarded (Title: National Human Rights Activist Award 2017) by the Federal Minister for Human Rights (Government of Pakistan), Mr. Mumtaz Tarar for the recognition of his selfless social contribution to protect and promote human rights in Pakistan.

 * Caribbean Film Festival & Market – CFFM (2017), {Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas (Caribbean Sea/ near USA)} has Officially Selected their Canadian documentary “Unveiled: The Kohistan Video Scandal (honour killings of innocent girls).

* 6th Urban International Film Festival (2017), {Tehran (Iran)} has Officially Selected their Canadian documentary “Unveiled: The Kohistan Video Scandal (honour killings of innocent girls).

* Documentary Futurism {Canada} has presented their Canadian documentary “Unveiled: The Kohistan Video Scandal (honour killings of innocent girls)” which is an exciting upcoming Documentary Futurism project set in 2077 Afghanistan.

~[The Next 150 – Documentary Futurism is a project of Cinema Politica Network. “Cinema Politica (CP)” is the largest non-commercial community and campus-based documentary screening/ sites’ network in the world that shows independent films throughout Canada and all over the world.]