Haseeb Khawaja Productions

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“Haseeb Khawaja Productions (HKP)”, where we offer clients total solutions to their Audio/ Visual/ Print & Online communication objectives.

“Haseeb Khawaja Productions” works under “Haseeb Khawaja Solutions (Private) Limited” which is registered in SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan), a financial regulatory authority of GOP (Government of Pakistan); having NTN (National Tax Number) from FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) of GOP and running their financial transactions through UBL (United Bank Limited).

We provide a wide range of services including Documentaries, TV & Radio Campaigns, TV Dramas, Tele Films, TV & Radio Shows/ Talk Shows/ Current Affairs Programs & News Reports/ Packages, Sitcoms, Social Media Audio/ Video Productions, TV/ Cable & Radio Commercials, Public Service Messages, Celebrity/ Public Figures Testimonials, Organization Profiles, Event’s Video Coverages, Films, Timelapses & Hyperlapses, Dubbing & Subtitling, Songs & Music, Jingles, Interviews, Testimonials, Animation Graphics (2D & 3D) and Media Equipment Rental Facilities, etc. for both, private & public sector (local, national & international) clients.

We are proud to have a very professional and highly talented team (Producer, Director, Concept Developer, Script Writer, Head of Logistics/ Special Assignments, Director of Photography, Creative/ Art Director, Music Director, Lyricist, Singer, Ariel Shots Expert, Researcher, Director Graphics and Animations, NLE, Translator, etc.) with the latest production and post-production equipment for delivering complete media solutions to influence masses with intact innovative approach.

We have produced varied genres of Documentaries, Videos, Presentations, Music Videos, Advocacy/ Awareness Films, Television Shows, Advertisements and News Reports, etc for both, private and public sector (local, national & international) clients.

We are open to collaboration with local, national and international clients (from media, development and other sectors as well); we provide our services on individual or/ and organizational level as freelance and/ or on permanent contract bases as Director, Fixer, Producer, Coordinator, Researcher or/ and on Partnership, etc in all capacities e.g. Documentaries, News Advisory/ Pitching Story Ideas, News Stories, Recordings/ Coverages, Editing Facilities, Productions, Interview Setups, Permissions (Coverages, etc), Translations, Travel Guidance, Security Guidance, Equipment Rental (Consultation & Hiring/ Facilitation), Bookings (Airline, Hotel & Transportation, etc), Airport (Meet & Greet), Media Space Buying (for content airing on Radio & TV Channels) and all others possible & impossible tasks.

In short, we generate, communicate and motivate/ sensitize generations for clients.

* (Apart from Production we also provide media consultancy to clients regarding media requirements & management, empowering them to enhance internal/ external communication capabilities and use media to their optimum advantage.)


We have all kinds of professional equipment:



* Red One, Mark III, Mark II, EX3 (With Professional Lenses).

* Drone Cameras (Dji, Phantom 4, 4k).

* Osmo Camera (Dji).

* GoPro Cameras (Dji Phantom 4) with Mounts for surface and underwater shoots.

* Camera Sliders.

* Camera Crane.

* Tripods.

* Monopods, etc.



* 3-7 Camera HD and SDI Out-door Broadcasting O.B.

* Boom Mic.

* Wireless collar Mics (Sennheiser) with earbud headphones.

* Zoom H6, etc.



* Final Cut Pro (FCP), Adobe Premiere, HD and SDI, etc.



* 3D & 2D, After Effects, Real Flow, Maya, Flash, etc.


Video Compilation – Studio:

* Compiling and Completion of FCP Projects at all stages.


Dubbing – Studio:

* Audio Recording Equipment and VOs, etc.



* Chroma Cutting Studio.



* HMI (4000, 2500, 1200 & 575 Watt).

* Kino Flo.

* Tungsten (1000-2000 Watt).

* Fluorescent.

* Colortran (1000 Watt).

* LED Soft Lights, etc.



* Apple & HP.



* Generator (5 Kilowatt & 50 Kilowatt).

* Scanner.

* Reflector.


& much more…