Haseeb Khawaja Solutions

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Haseeb Khawaja Solutions (Private) Limited (also known as in short “SOLUTIONS”) is an Islamabad based Pakistan’s emerging independent private company who works on commercial and social bases with Non-Government Organizations, Donors, International Institutions, Individuals, Companies, Government and Associations, etc.

Haseeb Khawaja Solutions (Private) Limited is registered in SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) which is a financial regulatory authority of GOP (Government of Pakistan), having National Tax Number (NTN: 7504708-4) from FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) of GOP and running their financial transactions through UBL (United Bank Limited).

We have established HKS with the high-standard-goals to cater our client’s requirements with creative, pure, fresh result oriented solutions. We have multiple teams of professionals and the capacity to deliver our services on very short timelines.

We are here to offer one stop solution particularly on all development and communication related services including, PR Services, Media Productions, Research & Development, Training & Capacity Building Services, Graphics & Printing Services, Campaign Designing & Execution Services, Event Management, Counselling, Legal Services, Marketing & Advertising Services, IT Services and Social Media Management, etc.

Our mission is to make a long-lasting positive change in the society by serving humans.

We have excellent understanding of cultural sensitivities across Pakistan and beyond through which we have successfully bridged the gap between our clients and the target audiences. Our highly qualified team’s experiences incarnate our company’s expertise in strategizing the blend between creative ideas and successful manifestations according to international standards for achieving optimal objectives garnered widespread critical acclaim.

Our team members have worked across Pakistan and beyond and delivered results across the spectrum of international development disciplines.

We go for extra miles for our each client because we believe that every client deserves our full attention with extraordinary solutions. We always try to explore for our clients something which is yet to be explored and we also galvanize our clients to connect, proud and reconnect with us.

H.K. Solutions evolved with the evolution of independent private company in the country and has had a unique opportunity to observe the most significant socio-politico-economic changes in Pakistan.

A complete production experience as Haseeb Khawaja Productions; we have our own network across Pakistan and even beyond, with highly qualified professionals. We have worked with many International and National clients from the Media, Diplomatic and Development Sector, etc to help turn their money into solid impact. We also welcome and facilitate, foreign development & production companies/ organisations/ individuals, interested to work in Pakistan.



Our core services include:

Production Services

* Documentaries.

* TV & Radio Campaigns.

* TV Dramas.

* Tele Films.

* TV & Radio Shows.

* Sitcoms.

* Social Media Audio/ Video Productions.

* TV/ Cable and Radio Commercials.

* Public Service Messages.

* Celebrity/ Public Figures Testimonials.

* Organization Profiles.

* Event’s Coverages.

* Video Services.

* Films.

* Timelapses & Hyperlapses.

* Dubbing & Subtitling.

* Songs & Music.

* Jingles.

* Interviews.

* Testimonials.

* Presentations.

* Editing Facilities.

* Animation Graphics, etc.

For More Info: www.haseebkhawajaonline.wordpress.com/hkp

or www.haseebkhawaja.com/hkp

Research & Development

* Surveys.

* Data Collection.

* Research.

* Analysis.

* Assessments, Monitoring & Evaluations.

* Designing Programmes & Plans.

* Strategies & Policy Advices.

* Framework of Actions.

* Theory of Change.

* Solution Options & Recommandations/ Proposals, etc.

Training/ Mentoring

* Communication and Media.

* Human Rights Frameworks.

* Women Rights.

* Children Rights.

* Digital Rights.

* Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

* Capacity Building, etc.

Creative Services

* Concept Development.

* Innovation Consultancy.

* Communication Strategies.

* Copy Writing & Infographics.

* Magazines, Book, Articles, Feature, Newsletters/ Newspapers & Blogs Writing in All Languages.

* Story Boarding.

* Report Writing.

* Concept Note/ Proposal Writing, etc.

Talk Shows

* Concept Development.

* Recording/ Production.

* Airing on Radio & TV Channels.

* Promotion on Social Media, etc.

PR Services

* Campaigns (Individuals/ Organizations).

* Media Management.

* Newspaper & TV Interviews.

* Press Conferences.

* Articles/ Blogs.

* Press Releases.

* Media Coverages.

* Speech Writing, etc.

Social Media Services

* Social Media Handling.

* Online Profile Creation.

* Networking & Gaining Followers & Likes.

* Sharing Posts, Content, Newsletters, Videos, Pictures, Infographics.

* Facebook & Twitter’s Followers Engagement.

* Content Monitoring.

* Custom Cover & Profile Photos.

* Privacy and Security Checks.

* Comprehensive Monthly Report.

* Commenting on Relevant Pages/ Groups.

* Promotion of Events & Specials Offers.

* Respond to Questions/ Comments.

* Daily Updates, etc.

IEC Material Development/ Graphics Designing Printing & Supplies

* Brochures & Flyers.

* Standees, Back Drops & Banners.

* Booklets, Books, Newsletters, Magazines, Reports & Training Manuals, etc.

* Visiting Cards, Invitation Cards & Organization’s Identity Cards.

* Envelops, Letter Heads & Folders.

* Pamphlets, Posters, Charts, Stamps & Certificates.

* Thumbnail Designing, Logos, Panaflex Signs & Titles.

* Artwork/ Illustrations.

* MISC (Caps, Shirts, Mugs, Bags, Clocks, Shields/ Souvenirs, Awards, Badges, Medals, Dairies, Calendars, Planners, Key Chains, Stickers, Gifts, Books, Pens, Lighters, Wallets & Cell Phone Cases, Plates), etc.

Media Space Buying

* Electronic Media (Television, Radio, Cable TV).

* Print Media.

* Social Media, etc.

Event Management

* Venue Arrangements, Logistical Arrangements, Multimedia and Presentation System Arrangements.

* Conferences, Seminars & Conventions.

* CSR Activities.

* Parties, Celebrations, Concerts & Expos.

* Awards & Special Days.

* Product/ Campaign Launches & Re-Launches.

* Training & Workshops.

* Festivals, Exhibitions, Ceremonies & Fashion Shows.

* Road Shows & Entertainments.

* Guests Arrangement.

* Participants Arrangement, etc.


* Fashion.

* Commercial.

* Photo Shoot.

* Events, etc.

IT Services

* Web Designing & Development.

* Domain Buying.

* Web Hosting.

* Mobile App Development.

* Data Entry (Scanning, Indexing & Archiving, etc).

* Database Administration.

* Software Development.

* Network Services.

* I.T. Infrastructure Management.

* Wireless Solutions.

* Data Recovery Services.

* Security Solutions.

* Email Addresses.

* Search Engine Optimization.

* Search Engine Submissions, etc.

Counselling/ Mentoring

* Stress Management.

* Abuse Recovery.

* Phobias.

* Emotional Management.

* Grief Recovery.

* Eating Disorders.

* Behavioural Problems.

* Conflict Resolution.

* Art of living.

* Goal Achievement.

* Productivity & Performance.

* Health & Vitality.

* Wealth & Lifestyle.

* Career & Business.

* Love & Relationships.

* Leadership & Impact.

* Discover Yourself, etc.

Advertising, Marketing & Brand Management (Print, Radio. TV & Online) – Your One-Stop Shop For All

* Strategic & Creative Promotion Planning.

* Project Branding, Promotion & Protection.

* Billboards & Hoardings.

* Search Engine Marketing.

* SMS Marketing.

* Email Marketing.

* Vehicle/ Transport Advertising.

* Traditional, Modern & Social Media Marketing/ Campaigns.

* Email Campaigns.

* Providing Support to Customers.

* Integrating the Improvements Suggested by the Customers.

* Help Reducing The Negative Feedback.

* Monitoring the Misuse of Client’s Copyright Work.

* Reputation Management.

* Online Marketing on High Traffic Websites and Social Media Platforms.

* Keeping Eye on the Competitors, etc.

Legal Services

* Legal Aid for Women.

* Legal Aid for Children.

* NGO/ Associations/ Trusts Registration.

* Company Registration.

* Non Objection Certificates (NOCs).

* Trademarks Registration.

* Copyrights Registration, etc.

General Order Supplier

* Office Supplies and Stationary, etc.

Media – Miscellaneous

* Media Consultancy.

* As Director Services.

* As Producer Services.

* As Fixer Services.

* Coordination & Partnerships.

* Permissions (Coverages, etc).

* News Advisory/ Pitching Story Ideas.

* News Reports/ Stories.

* Interview Setups.

* Freelance Services.

* Requirements for Launching New Media Outlet.

* Translation.

* Security Guidance.

* Equipment Rental (Consultation & Hiring/ Facilitation).

* Bookings (Airline/ Hotel & Car, etc).

* Visa & Travel Guidance.

* Airport (Meet & Greet)

and all others possible & impossible services.